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NSM neurostimulation

NSM neurostimulation is a new method for the treatment of orthopedic and neurological pain disorders, in which very fine probes, similar to acupuncture needles, are inserted into the injured tissue. NSM was developed by Dr. Albrecht Molsberger, Prof. (USA/UNC), PD, Dr. med. It works by controlling the body’s own electrical fields. NSM treatments are performed in Germany by licensed specialists who are committed to maintaining the highest medical and scientific quality standards and who regularly share their findings and know how. Our practice is part of this network. Many patients and physicians have found that NSM stimulation has faster, stronger and more long-lasting effects than cortisone. Patients are able to reduce their use of medication substantially.
Many dramatic patient reports, case histories and descriptions of conditions that have been treated with NSM stimulation may be found on the patient information website


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Mit der NSM-Stimulation lassen sich gleichermaßen akute und chronische Erkrankungen behandeln.Wie  viele  Patientenbeispiele zeigen, erreicht man mit der NSM-Behandlung in vielen Fällen eine schnelle und anhaltende Besserung / Ausheilung der Beschwerden zum Beispiel bei

[list1]Headache, cluster headache

  • Hip pain – trochanteric pain syndrome
  • Sports injuries – inflammation of the Achilles tendon and heel pain
  • Back pain – neck and low-back pain syndromes
  • Joint and tendon problems
  • Sciatica, neuralgia[/list1]


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Patient history: Pain in the legs and buttocks 

A 67-year-old female patient had been suffering from pain in the thighs and buttocks for the past year, radiating into the sacroiliac joint and the back. The physicians she had consulted had diagnosed tendinitis and bursitis of the trochanter, the part of the femur connecting to the hip bone. Pharmacological therapy with analgesics, cortisone injections, non‑steroidal anti-rheumatics (Voltaren, Ibuprofen) and physiotherapy had brought no lasting improvement, and the condition had  become chronic. After the first session of Dr. Molsberger`s NSM stimulation the symptoms declined by 60% within three days. Medication was reduced, and the pain that had been keeping the patient awake at night disappeared. After a further session of NSM, pain was reduced by 90%. In the following weeks, the sciatica-like pain healed completely. The patient has been free of pain for more than a year.   

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Find Doctors who apply NSM – Therapy

NSM-Stimulation is currently only available in Germany. See this list for doctors who already apply this new pain therapy in Germany:

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