Application of NSM stimulation

Quality criteria for NSM treatment

Treatment using NSM stimulation is performed in specially licensed NSM centers. All of the specialists licensed in this modality are committed to meeting strict quality standards. As a result, a uniformly high standard of treatment is guaranteed in Germany.

1. Quality of the specialist examination 

The patient is examined by a specialized physician, who will use any imaging technology or other specialized tests he or she considers necessary, to identify the diseased or injured tissues.

2. Quality of patient information prior to NSM treatment 

Patients are provided with information material on NSM stimulation at the time of their office visit, and also receive a PDF file by email with more detailed information. Patient information at the time of the office visit includes the following points: For the patient, NSM stimulation feels similar to acupuncture, but from a technical viewpoint it is completely different. There have been no significant undesirable side effects in more than 6000 treatments to date. Combining NSM with other therapeutic methods (except cortisone), and especially with acupuncture, may be medically beneficial. Initial improvement is normally observed about 90 minutes after treatment at the earliest, and generally within 12 to 48 hours. In most cases two to four NSM sessions will be needed, at intervals of no more than one week. Once treatment has been completed, additional improvement of symptoms may be observed for a further two to six months. It is explained that, in contrast to other stereotactic stimulation methods, NSM does not destroy tissue but rather stimulates tissues to regenerate themselves (stimulation of cell migration, cytokines). Information about costs and insurance coverage. Patients may be referred to the website for more information.

3. Quality of NSM treatment 

NSM stimulation is generally performed with the patient lying down on a treatment table, although in some cases sitting may be preferred. To begin, the tissues to be treated are carefully located and marked with a coloured marker. The area is disinfected and the same standards of sterility as for joint injections are applied. In some cases local anesthesia may be administered.  Probes are inserted and slowly advanced until the target tissue is reached, in some cases with the help of a radiological or ultrasound image converter. The patient should be able to feel and report when the probe has reached the target tissue. Electrophysiological measurements are taken to verify that the probes are correctly sited. The probes are connected and all connections are tested. The stimulation is started and the patient is reminded that the procedure should be painless, although slight pressure or tingling may be felt. If stimulation is painful, the patient is to report it immediately so that the microprocessor-controlled electric field can be adjusted. Pain during stimulation is counter‑productive, and the insertion of the probes should not be more uncomfortable than the insertion of acupuncture needles, for example.

4. Quality of documentation of results 

Patients are informed of the importance of documenting the results of the treatment – including both short-term and long-term results. Documentation is done using short, computer-assisted questionnaires (3-5 minutes) administered by office staff. Patients answer the questions without any outside influence, and the patient must expressly consent to the anonymous publication of their case history. Case histories will be used for scientific purposes and also to inform other patients about the results that can be expected from treatment (sharing of experiences).

5. Quality of patient information after NSM treatment 

Patients are informed that they will generally be able to move about normally after treatment. They may feel unusually tired for up to two days after treatment. It is important to note that despite the rapid decrease in pain and other symptoms, abrupt physical stress and exertion should be avoided at first, and that sports and other physical activity may be gradually increased in the days and weeks following NSM stimulation.

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